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LinuxCAD is a true open software product and as such it has been adapted to run on all major UNIX platforms. The pricing of LinuxCAD for platforms other than Intel depends on the number of copies you have chosen to purchase, the more copies the less the price. All ports retain full original functionality and are fully compatible with original LinuxCAD for Linux for Itnel and with AutoCAD LinuxCAD retains full original functionality on all platforms.

LinuxCAD 2000 pricing for platforms other than Linux for Intel

version 1 copy 6 or more
LinuxCAD for Sun Solaris for Intel X86 $199.00 $99.00
LinuxCAD for FreeBSD for Intel X86 $199.00 $99.00
LinuxCAD for Sun Solaris for SPARC $350.00 $129.00

To order LinuxCAD for one of the platforms in the above table, click here