(is a discontinued product, originally written by Boris B Tkachenko consulting Software Engineer from Chicago, IL). THIS DOMAIN IS CURRENTLY FOR SALE.

Simple, easy to use drafting/CAD program for Linux, Mac and Microsoft Windows XP or Vista. Features: 2D drafting /design/schematics/ER-diagramms, 3D wireframe, 3D shading.

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Quickest way to add schematics,diagramms and drawings to your MS-Word documents.
Getting familiar with LinuxCAD is a wise investment for every computer user.

created in 1995, enchanced and updated in 1996,1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2008,2009

LinuxCAD is today's leading computer aided design and drafting program for The Linux Operating System.

LinuxCAD has grown in sales and functionality since its original introduction in 1998.

LinuxCAD now represents a complete computer aided design program for Linux ... it is a complete replacement for AutoCAD. For any practical purpose, it implements all major features of AutoCAD in such a way that experienced AutoCAD users do not need additional training to start working with LinuxCAD.

Linux users who are new to CAD will find our Users Manual an easy way to learn the CAD trade. There is so much similarity between LinuxCAD and AutoCAD, that while learning LinuxCAD, you will simultaneously learn AutoCAD.

With remarkable ease you will find yourself creating all kinds of technical illustrations, diagrams, sketches and industrial quality drawings.

Suggested Uses: flowcharting,land surveying, mechanical engineering drafting ,architectural drafting, residential and interior design work, entity relationship diagramming ,software engineering diagramming.

This is a professional quality graphics modelling package for Linux !!!
A must have for every Linux user !!!
Implements all core features of AutoCAD in a very compatible way !!!
No learning curve for AutoCAD users !!!

Here is a list of just a few distinguished features of the
LinuxCAD Computer Aided Design System:

All of the above is included in the basic version. The standard LinuxCAD package includes: 3D, DXF import and export, DWG support for ACAD version 10 only. Its all there in new version; extensions are gone; everything is built in !!!

A major advantage is the availability of the package for the industries most reliable and flexible operating systems, LINUX and also most other Unix versions.

LinuxCAD will enable you to draw almost anything you can imagine. LinuxCAD presents numerous ways in which users can accomplish similar tasks and provides many opportunities in which you can customize and automate your drafting work. All these capabilities are even more enhanced in LinuCAD 3D release 2.0. LinuxCAD is smoothly integrated in the Linux and X window environment. You will be able edit the same file on multiple windows and even multiple displays, copy parts of the drawing using X-clipboard between different instances of LinuxCAD, work on ten on more drawings simultaneously on the same computer.
You may think of SoftwareForge Inc., LinuxCAD as about a product or as a technology. Our technology can be applied in consulting services for accomplishing your product delivery objectives. Whatever your field is, engineering , architecture , medical information technology , real time control systems or computer games development, you may benefit from our advanced graphics modeling technology. LinuxCAD is something every Linux user needs, not only drafters or engineers. Software professionals can use LinuxCAD as an Entity Relationship, Flow Chart and Object Visual Modeling tool.

The pricing on all our order forms includes the shipping to any location worldwide! When purchasing LinuxCAD you get more for your money than any other program for use with Linux!

LinuxCAD is a nice addition to your Windows XP/Vista computer. LinuxCAD creates a new graphics presentation layer for the Linux system. Many of the software development and system administration work you do now can be organized graphically.
LinuxCAD is something every computer user needs !!!

Download Demo version of LinuxCAD for Windows (XP/Vista)

How to Purchase

e-mail to: unixguy@aol.com
e-mail link to author.

How is commercial verson of LinuxCAD different from demo version?

  • First of all there are some really old demo versions of LinuxCAD out there, depending from where you got it. In comparison to those, Paid registered version of LinuxCAD has: zoom bug fixed, green color bug fixed, pull down menu commands now take priority over command that is in progress so flow of the user process is more FLUID.
  • It does not pop up "Please Pay Message" on LinuxCAD startup.
  • Paid version of LinuxCAD is more user friendly for 2D drafting, because latest user wishlist changes are coded in.
  • User interface is customizable by user in paid for version fo LinuxCAD.
  • Paid version of LinuxCAD has more 3D features, like: many new 3d commands(soon to be posted here).
  • The LinuxCAD for Mac OS-X and LinuxCAD for Linux are only available comercially.
  • Paid version of LinuxCAD is supported, to the level that you can make a phone call and I walk you through the process of what you trying to do in LinuxCAD.
  • Now that you have seen a demo, buy the real version of LinuxCAD. You will not be disappointed!

(C)1996-2009, This software is Copyrighted by it's original author with the United States Copyright Office, LinuxCAD is also a registered trademark.